Who can consign?

Anyone can consign their items and everyone is welcome! Consigning items with Rhea Lana’s offers you the ability earn more than what a consignment store can offer, it’s less work than conducting your own garage sale and a hassle/haggle free way from selling items online.

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Simply register to consign on our website. Be sure to thoroughly read the Acceptable Items, Merchandise Prep, and Pricing Guide tabs.

What percentage do I make?

Consignors earn 60 - 70% of their sales.

What is the consignor fee?

The consignor fee is automatically deducted from your proceeds.

How can I maximize my consignor experience?

Consignors enjoy the experience when they allow themselves enough time to get all their items prepared and entered without feeling rushed. Organizing your items by gender and size will allow for easy entering and a quick drop off. Using our Voice Entry feature is a HUGE time saver for consignors as it allows you to enter 100 items in just 30 minutes. Consider printing your barcode labels at home to expedite consignor drop off.

When is the consignor deadline?

Please visit our Consignor Schedule to view the consignor deadline.

Where can I find string tags?

Wal-Mart, office supply stores, and the Rhea Lana store

Where do I drop off my items?

You will drop your items off at the event location during the designated Drop Off days/times.

How should I price my items?

We recommend pricing your items at 25-30%. Our Pricing Guide goes into more detail.

Do I use my same Consignor ID every event?

Yes, the Consignor ID you received when you registered is yours to use in each sale! The only time you would need to register for a new consignor ID is if you 1) have exceeded the item entry limit for your current ID and would like to sell more items, or 2) would like to participate with another Rhea Lana's franchise.

What hangers do I use?

We require plastic hangers for all items. We care about your items and plastic hangers ensure your items are protected and look great on the rack. Retail plastic hangers are acceptable!

Do I get my hangers back?

Your hangers stay on the items and go home with the shopper. However, any items you purchase will include the hanger. If this is your first time consigning we suggest marking your items 25-50 cents higher to help re-coop your initial investment.

What if my item is not worth the minimum?

You’ll need to bundle items to reach the required minimum.

How long does drop off take?

We typically recommend to allow one hour per one hundred items for Consignor Drop Off.

What is Voice Recognition Item Entry?

The Voice Item Entry allows you to enter your items by voice description with a mobile device. It’s a game changer for consignors as they can enter 100 items in as little as 30 minutes.

Can I see which items have sold?

Yes! Our consignors can watch their sales live from the website or the Rhea Lana App.

Can I bring a guest with me to consignor pre-sale?

Yes, you may bring one guest with you.

Why is RL’s better than having a garage sale or selling in the Facebook Marketplace?

It’s much less work than conducting your own garage sale and certainly safer and much easier than meeting strangers and selling items one at a time online.

I’m running short on time, which items should I enter first?

We frequently sell 95% of our baby equipment, furniture, and toys! This includes outdoor toys! They are in high demand and you can earn top dollar for them at Rhea Lana’s!

What do I write on my tags?

We encourage you to write the number that corresponds with your item entry on the tag. This will help you keep your items in order during the consignor process. There is no need to write any other information on the tag.

Do I need to assemble large items?

We require all items either come assembled or are assembled at consignor drop off.

What is the inventory sheet?

The inventory sheet is printable once you click ‘Finish Batch’, it is a print out of each item you’ve entered into the event and is required at consignor drop off in order for us to guarantee your items.

Do I have to find all my unsold items on Pick Up Day?

No, we will have everything neatly sorted for you by your consignor number.

What if I want to consign but am unable to make it on Pick Up Day?

If you are unable to pick up your own items you are allowed to notify us with whom has permission to pick up on your behalf. Please note, our guarantee is void for items when anyone other than the consignor picks up unsold items. Any items left past the designated pick up time will be given to donations as we are unable to hold any items in our rented space.

Where do the donated items go?

Our donated items go to local foster families and non-profit organizations in the community.

Do you have an Item Limit for consignors?

At this time, there is no limit to the number of items each consigner may bring to the event. However, we will limit hanging INFANT ITEMS (newborn to 9mo) to 50 items. This does not include items like bottles and bibs, just hanging items. 2) We will also limit MATERNITY CLOTHING to 15 items per consignor. 3) JUNIOR CLOTHING, each consignor can bring 15 hanging items. As always, we encourage you to bring your best items so that you sell a high percentage of your things. A consignor who brings 75 great items will do better than a consignor who brings 100 items that are poor quality and marked too high.

What are my Consignor Options regarding printing bar codes?

Bar Codes must be printed on a color printer. We will print ALL bar codes and have multiple options for picking them up. We encourage you to pick them up during our label pick up times, and put them on at home.

IF you decide to print at home please email me for a few simple printing suggestions. patty@rhealana.com

What kind of items are you accepting for this event?

This will be our FALL?WINTER event. We will not accept swimsuits, tank tops, sandals, etc.. We will accept school appropriate shorts and athletic wear. We accept clothing sizes newborn - juniors. Junior girls up to size 15 and XL tops. NO WOMEN'S CLOTHING. Boys sizes up to 32 waist and men's medium shirts. **JUNIOR CLOTHING NEEDS TO LOOK YOUTHFUL. Our shoppers are looking for children's clothing.

How do I get the RL guarantee, and why would I want that?

The RL guarantee states that if we lose anything of yours during the event we will pay you for it, just like it sold. This does happen some, but very little. If you want the guarantee, you MUST bring your items IN ORDER that you entered, and also bring a copy of your inventory sheet. This way we will know that all your items made it to the store! This will mean you will want a pre-labeled appointment, so we can check all your items. We will not be printing inventory sheets at the store.

When can I get my labels?

We have 2-3 days set for pick up. You can find the graphic on our Facebook and Instagram pages. You can drive through and we will have all batches printed that have been completed. You MUST complete your batch before the morning of pick up. We will give you a helpful instruction sheet when you pick up labels.

How do I secure small pieces with Toys or Equipment?

Place them in a ziploc bag and then seal the ziploc with clear packing tape. This is important so the items don't get separated! There are links to tutorial videos under the Consign/Consignor Services tab. Be sure to watch the "How to Consign Toys" tutorial.

When I sell items in a ziploc bag, how do I attach the price tag?

First, be sure to affix the barcode label to the string tag; do not stick it directly onto the item or the bag. Then attach the string tag to the items and tape it inside the bag. Make sure the tag is visible.

How do I carry my clothes while I am shopping

We will have large bags available at the door for our shoppers. We also suggest you bring a tote, large shopping bag or stroller. All large bags will be checked at the door before shoppers leave.

Should I iron the clothes I want to sell?

Please do what is necessary to make your clothes look clean and nice. Remember, the better they look, the better they sell!

Can I enter additional batches?

Yes, you may enter additional batches. Consignors are charged a $12 consignor fee per consignor number so you will not be charged an additional consignor fee for additional batches.

Do you sell children's furniture?

Yes. About 90% of the furniture is sold during our events. Contact Patty about bringing larger furniture items and read more about what items are not accepted before listing furniture for the sale.

Do you accept cribs?

YES, however we will NOT accept any cribs manufactured before August 31, 2012.
For cribs manufactured between September 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012, we can accept them if they have a certificate of compliance and have not been recalled.

For cribs manufactured after December 31, 2012, we can accept them if they have not been recalled.